OBAMA Tread Mill

This treadmill is a unique system that is equipped With auto service option . The oil pump and oil bottle Injects the oil to the all mechanical moving parts. The plat form prepared as a monolith anodized hard heavy-gauge aluminum . This machine is designed to be interfaced with a variety of ECG and vo2 systems ٠ OBAMA is built to be هم best stress test treadmill in the industry. OBAMA treadmill is self-calibrating virtually maintenance free and the Safety features include a low profile deck , incredibly smooth belt operation and an easy to reach emergency sop switch . There are three emergency stop including : emergency magnet, emergency Bottom and emergency touch screen bottom . The touch LCD offers independent non-interfaced operation of the treadmill -The 10 inch touch LCD has both large and bright display and users will appreciate having a choice of simple manual operation beside supports the detailed information for service