sinus Electrocardiograph

OBAMA recorders 12 lead-ECG simultaneously and has a built-in hardware pacemaker spike detection circuitry which can work on 3 selectable different ECG –channels. The time of recording is pre adjustable. the ECG is displayed in either 3,6 or 12 lead mode. For routine daily use, many of the operation steps can be automated (e.g. a user- configured ECG printout). once again, this saves you valuable time, particularly useful in this context is the possibility to have a report sent to your surgery's PC or, in PDF format, to your hospital information system. All Representative QRS- Complexes and the assessment of the individual leads with the vector loop are printed out on one page.  12-lead recording.  Automatic measurement of HR,ST level and slope for all 12 channels.  Simultaneous registration and observation of ECG signal from all 12 leads on PC screen.  Registration and observation of averaged P-QRS-T complexes from all 12 leads , ST, level and slope in "on- line" mode,  Observation of measuring points : BL,J and ST,  Pacemaker spike detection  Automatic diplay of vector loop  Automatic electrode configuration  Representative QRs-complex of 12 leads